10 Common Questions About Artificial or Faux Flowers

10 Common Questions About Faux Flowers

10 Common Questions About Artificial or Faux Flowers

10 Common Questions About Faux Flowers

What’s the meaning of life?

Why is the sky blue?

What’s for dinner?

From a toddler to an octogenarian, everyone has questions.

While we can’t definitively answer the meaning of life question, we do know a lot about faux flowers and plants. So, I thought I would take a moment to answer some often-asked questions that I hear about artificial flowers and plants.

How can I make faux flowers look real?

This might be the most common question people ask me when they’re considering purchasing fake, artificial, or “faux” flowers and plants. The truth is if you invest in high quality artificial flowers and plants, they will already look like the real thing. Manufacturing processes have improved dramatically throughout the years and everything from individual stems to full arrangements are available in a presentation that competes with live plants and flowers.

12"H AGAVE IN BR/POT GRIs it real or is it fake? High quality artificial flowers like this beautiful Agave Plant make it hard to tell!

Can you still purchase cheap looking artificial plants at big box and hobby stores? Sure.

But if you want your investment to look great for years to come you should take your time, do your research, and purchase from a reputable seller who provides high-quality artificial plants.

But remember, while there are certain plants that are able to be nearly-perfectly reproduced, there are others that are very hard to reproduce in a way that looks real, no matter the cost.

So use your “gestalt” and look closely at the product images to determine whether they represent the look that you desire. At Faux Trees ‘N Shrubs, we offer the ability to magnify most of the images in our online catalog, so you can more closely examine what the foliage, stems, and potting material look like.

One you have your new flowers, plants, or arrangements, here are a few things you can do to add even more realism to your arrangement.

  • Bend the stems a little – Live flowers don’t all stand straight up. They droop and lean. Bend the stems of artificial flowers to make them look more realistic.
  • Hide the base –  Choose the right container and cover the foam with moss or greenery to give the arrangement a more lifelike look.
  • Rotate your arrangements –  The natural life of most live flower arrangements is two weeks or less. If you switch out your faux flower arrangements every two weeks, it gives the appearance of fresh flowers.
  • Dust them every month – Live flowers usually die before they have a chance to accumulate dust, but your artificial arrangements are going to last for years. Be sure to dust them periodically to not only keep them looking great, but to reduce the chance that the dust might bother your allergies.


For more tips on making fake flowers look real, check out this helpful post from More Style Than Cash.

What are faux flowers made of?

Artificial flowers are made of a variety of materials from paper to silk, but the most common material is polyester for the flowers and plastic for the stems.

However, higher-end artificial flowers and plants are made of silk, rayon and cotton. The stems are most often wire wrapped in a special tear-resistant paper. By using these higher-quality materials, the stems and blooms appear more life-like and actually can last longer than cheap alternatives, with the proper care.

Can I mix artificial and live flowers in the same arrangement?

Yes, you certainly can.

Adding artificial flowers to a live arrangement allows you to include flowers that may be out of season or too expensive to be a part of your décor otherwise. Just follow the same tips from Question #1 to make your fake flowers look as real as the live ones.

For the most realistic arrangements, choose artificial flowers that match the seasonality of the live flowers. Also, look for artificial flowers that mimic your realistic flowers.


33.5"H 34" W 34"L CALLALILY(P)EPORFor the most realistic look, choose artificial flowers that have some droop to them, like our Mixed Calla Lilies arrangement.

For instance, real flowers tend to droop slightly, because the blooms often place a heavy load on the stems. To mimic that look, either purchase arrangements that already have a bit of a droop or slightly bend the stems to give them a natural looking droop.

What’s the best way to care for faux flowers?

Artificial flowers and plants are simple to care for. That’s one of their benefits over live plants. The fact that they last longer, however, means there is ongoing maintenance to consider.

For example, if you place your artificial plants in the sun, be sure to rotate them every few weeks, so one side doesn’t fade. As I mentioned previously, keep your faux flowers and plants clean by dusting them off with a feather duster or spraying them off in the bathtub.

For more tips on how to care for your artificial flowers and plants, check out this blog post.

Where can I put artificial flowers and plants?

The short answer is anywhere! The great thing about fake flowers and plants is you don’t have to worry about heat, cold or sunshine.

You can put your arrangements anywhere you want, and if you get tired of a plant or arrangement in one room, you can switch it with a different one from another room in your house. If you are working on improving the flow or feng shui of a room (or your entire house), check out this blog post for tips.

Can I give faux flowers as a gift? Is it tacky?

Artificial arrangements make a great gift, especially for those who suffer from allergies. A faux flower arrangement is a thoughtful, long-lasting gift that requires little care, making it perfect for housewarmings and holidays.

FAUX 9″ H YELLOW SUNFLOWER/AMARANTHUS IN METAL CONTAINERArtificial arrangements like our Bright Yellow Sunflower Arrangement make a great gift.

Just like any other gift, the quality of the gift depends on the quality of item. Any gift can be “tacky” if it is a low-quality gift. But by giving a high-quality artificial plant, flower, or arrangement you are giving something that will provide beauty to the recipient for years to come. How can that be tacky?

For more tips on choosing the perfect arrangement to give as a gift, check out this blog post.

Remember that you can also give a Faux Trees ‘N Shrubs gift card and let the recipient choose the gift suits their style and decor.

Are artificial flowers cheaper than live flowers?

While the up-front cost of high-quality faux flowers can sometimes seem daunting, the arrangements are much less expensive than live plants over time. Artificial flower arrangements can be used and reused for years, where live flowers die after a couple weeks.

The cost of replacing those live plants and flowers can grow quickly, while your artificial arrangement just needs some periodic dusting.

What are the benefits of faux flowers?

One of the main benefits of using fake flowers is that they often don’t aggravate allergies, allowing people who spend their time sneezing around live flowers to enjoy the beauty without the aggravation.

Artificial flowers also offer a versatility that live flowers can’t because faux arrangements can be placed anywhere in any temperature conditions. Faux flowers and plants are also simple to care for and work well for people who travel a lot or simply don’t have time to care for live plants.

Can I use artificial plants and flowers in my landscaping?

Most certainly! Artificial plants and flowers can make a splash in outdoor landscaping.

Be sure to choose UV-resistant plants to minimize fading, and make use of faux plants to create a beautiful outdoor retreat. Fake plants and flowers are perfect for outdoor spaces like porches and shady areas where it can be difficult to get live plants to grow.

40.5" QUEEN A.LACE PLANT W/SOILChoose UV-resistant plants like our Queen A. Lace Plant to create magical outdoor spaces using faux plants.

10. Can I use faux flowers in my wedding?

Artificial flowers are a great choice for weddings, especially in the decorative arrangements. They don’t need to be kept at a particular temperature and can be set up any time before the wedding. They also make great gifts for members of the wedding party to take home and use in their own homes. Check out some of these great ideas for using faux flowers in your wedding.

While we may not have the answers to the mysteries of the universe, I hope I’ve cleared up any confusion about faux flowers and plants. In case I missed any of your questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and ask.


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