Design Ideas: Avoiding Spring Allergies Using Artificial Plants

Design Ideas: Avoiding Spring Allergies Using Artificial Plants

Design Ideas: Avoiding Spring Allergies Using Artificial Plants
Spring is almost upon us. Soon, the oak trees will start to bud, the tulips will peek out of the ground, and lilies will bloom just in time for Easter. Unfortunately, with all this beauty also comes pollen. Although pollen is the foundation of life for our Spring plants, it’s also the bane of many of our existence, as it brings the dreaded Spring allergies.

While we can’t do much to avoid the allergens outside (other than using a good antihistamine), there are steps we can take to minimize our exposure to pollen, reducing the sneezing and wheezing. Here are a few quick tips:

Start By Using Artificial Plants For Your Interior Designs

While it’s always lovely to have fresh-cut tulips in a glass vase on the table, the pollen you are bringing into your house can aggravate any allergies ou might have. Rather than cutting the tulips, leave them outside to brighten your landscape and opt for a simple, homey arrangement like our artificial tulip arrangement in a glass jar.

Tulip Artificial Arrangement in Jar (set of 2)

Want something a little larger? Check out our beautiful orange tulip arrangement in a glass vase.

22"Hx14"Wx19"L Tulip in Glass Vase Orange

Be Sure To Clean Your Artificial Plants

While artificial plants and flowers require a lot less maintenance than live plants, they aren’t completely maintenance free. In fact, forgetting to clean your artificial arrangements can lead to dust buildup, which can aggravate those who have dust allergies. Check out our post with great tips on cleaning your artificial flowers and plants to keep them from contributing to the allergy problem.

Choose Plants That Mimic What Mother Nature Is Displaying Outside

If you really want to feel like you have brought the outdoors into your house, be sure to rotate your artificial plants periodically to mimic what Mother Nature has on display outside. Here’s a link to a great perennial bloom schedule that can help you evaluate what is blooming outside and replicate that experience inside.

Get Inspiration From Others

The beauty of the Internet is we can get a lot of great ideas from what others are doing. Take a look at the great Pinterest board below that features a variety of Spring flowers. How can you use ideas from those photos to brighten up your interior or exterior space?



Have a favorite way to decorate while minimizing allergies? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know about it!


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