For Mother’s Day, Give Mom A Beautiful Gift That Will Last For Years

For Mother's Day, Give Mom A Beautiful Gift That Will Last For Years

For Mother’s Day, Give Mom A Beautiful Gift That Will Last For Years

For Mother's Day, Give Mom A Beautiful Gift That Will Last For Years

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, it’s always hard to figure out the right gift for your mom. Well, I’ve discovered you can never go wrong with flowers or plants, live or fake. Moms of all ages feel special when presented with a bright arrangement of flowers or a special potted plant.

The tough thing about live flowers, though, is that while they are lovely, they don’t last very long. A week, maybe two, and your gift ends up in the trash. Your mom surely enjoyed them while they lasted, but then they were gone.

Live flowers come with some other issues, as well. If your mom has seasonal allergies, she’s unlikely to be able to enjoy pollen-filled flowers for very long. And if she lives in a home that she shares with others or where live flowers aren’t allowed, she can miss out on receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

So, this year, consider giving mom a gift that will last. Choose a beautiful faux arrangement, potted plant or even a wreath for her door. Then she’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Consider some of these ideas:

Go non-traditional with a succulent that will last


7" H Lotus Blossom in white basket-0
This beautiful Silk Lotus will brighten Mom’s day without requiring watering and sunlight.

Have Mom join the succulent trend with this Snake Plant Succulent.

Succulents have become a popular addition to home décor, so consider gifting your mom with a pot of succulents. High-quality artificial succulents can create a unique display while removing even the minimal care that succulents need. Their unusual shapes and textures make them a sure conversation starter. Plus, succulents are often small, so they’re perfect if your mom lives in a smaller space.

Know the meaning of your gift

A beautiful mix of Phalaenopsis Orchids and Fern
How cute would this Orchid Pink Phalaenopsis Bird Cage look hanging on Mom’s wall?

Tell your mom you appreciate her cheerfulness with our Orchid Pink Phalaenopsis Bird Cage.

Flowers have a language all their own. Red roses mean love. Carnations symbolize purity and faith. The day lily is the Chinese symbol for motherhood. Choose your arrangement based on the message you want to convey to your mom. Want to laud her for her beauty and strength? Choose an orchid arrangement. Or would you rather let her know how much you appreciate her cheerfulness? Pick an arrangement that features Gerbera daisies.

Want to know more about the meaning of flowers? Check out this short video from Southern Living.

Consider something for the outdoors that doesn’t require weeding or watering

A beautiful plant or tree can add a touch of low-maintenance beauty to any deck or patio.

Give mom a gift that beautifies her outdoor space with this Olive Tree.

Don’t just stick with arrangements that brighten the indoors, consider livening up your mom’s outdoor living space. Faux plants are perfect for those outdoor spots that don’t get a lot of sun or rain – like a covered patio or screened-in back porch. Choose a taller tree or plant to fill in those larger outdoor spaces. It might even provide some shade on a hot day. Don’t forget to pick a plant that is UV-resistant so the plant will fade less in direct sun.

Give a wreath of beauty – that won’t irritate her allergies

22" H Metallic Oak & Lotus Pod Wreath
A wreath is a great way to brighten any door! Give her one that won’t bother her allergies. 

No matter where your mom lives, she’ll appreciate coming home to our Metallic Oak Wreath.

Not all moms live in a large space where a larger flower arrangement will be welcome. If that’s your mom, consider a wreath for her door. Whether she lives in a house or some type of senior living arrangement, a cheerful wreath on the door will make coming home more inviting. Choose a wreath that can hang on the door year-round or buy a variety of different wreaths, one for each season.

Be traditional, but with a gift that will last

You can’t go wrong with a traditional Mother’s Day gift of Tulips. Be different, though, and give her Tulips that won’t wilt and die.

Be a traditionalist on Mother’s Day and give our Faux Pink Helborus flower.

A traditional flower arrangement that mom can enjoy all year is another great option for Mother’s Day. Lilies, roses and tulips are all traditional spring bouquets that are popular for celebrating moms. If your mom loves tradition, you can’t go wrong with a large bouquet of flowers. Be sure to choose flowers that complement your mom’s decorating color scheme as she’ll be able to keep her artificial bouquet for years to come.

Brighten up a corner with a low maintenance plant

A tree or shrub can add a beautiful touch to any dark corner – with little to no maintenance.

Add some life to a lonely corner with our Bamboo Wall Divider.

Every house has those corners that just don’t seem to lend themselves to furniture or pictures on the wall. A lot of times those corners sit empty, but if your mom has an empty corner in her house, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to fill it with a faux tree or potted plant. A life-like, high-quality plant or tree will bring new life to an entire room.

Add a touch of whimsy with a cute plant or flower arrangement

16" Mixed Orchid Plant in Glass Jar with Lid Mixed
This Mixed Orchid Plant in a Glass Jar is perfect, long-lasting gift for mom on Mother’s Day!

Bring out your mom’s whimsical side with this Mixed Orchid Plant in a Glass Jar arrangement.

If your mom is the one that had you believing in fairies when you were small, choose a whimsical arrangement to brighten up her living space. Original containers like teapots or teacups can bring a smile to your mom’s face. You could even consider building your own fairy garden using individual faux stems and succulents. Check out some ideas for a fairy garden here.

Whether you choose one of these options or another one, be sure to opt for high-quality fake flowers and plants that aren’t found at your local craft store. You want your mom’s new arrangement, wreath or plant to last for years.

No matter what gift you choose for your mom on Mother’s Day, be sure to let her know you appreciate her and all she does for you. Leave us a comment with your best Mother’s Day gift idea. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions. As always, be sure to sign up for our Insiders List and we’ll send you monthly coupons for our great products.

— Barb

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