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Give The Gift Of Choice With Our Faux Trees N Shrubs Gift Cards

While the gift of a beautiful flower arrangement or plant will usually make anyone smile, there are times when you might prefer to give someone the opportunity to choose the item, rather than picking it out yourself. Other times, it just isn’t practical to transport the gift to the celebration or ceremony. Imagine trying to stuff an 8′ Ficus into the overhead bin on your way to a wedding halfway across the country? 🙂

Order A Gift Card From Faux Trees N ShrubsTo help address this, we have added the ability to purchase FTNS gift cards through our online shop. We offer gift cards in increments of $10, $20, $50, and $100. If you need a different increment, like $250.00, you can simply add two $100 cards and one $50 card to you online cart. When you select your card, you’ll be asked to provide the email address of the recipient and even the opportunity to write a short note that will accompany the gift card.

Once you have checked out and paid for the gift cards, the recipient will receive an email that includes your personal note and a redemption code that they can apply to purchase on FauxTreesNShrubs.com.

Hopefully, that gives you more flexibility in allowing your friends, family, or loved ones to choose the flower arrangement, plant, tree or shrub that would best fit their taste and decorating needs!


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