How To Decorate Your Front Entry With Faux Plants

How To Decorate Your Front Entry With Faux Plants

How To Decorate Your Front Entry With Faux Plants

It may still be summer, but fall is just around the corner, and with the change of the seasons comes plenty of opportunity to entertain. While the gatherings may be small, you’ll still want your home looking its best when you greet your guests, which is why focusing on the front porch and entryway to your home pays off.

The faux plants at the front of your house and just inside the front door set the tone for the rest of your home. If you like a clean, modern look, your artificial plants will have a clean, minimalist look to them. However, if you’re more into the country look, then rustic planters overflowing with flowers might be more your style.

No matter what flowers you choose, keep these five tips in mind for decorating the front porch and entryway of your home.

Tip #1 – Be creative with containers.

Don’t limit yourself to just vases that you find at the store. Baskets, tubs, buckets and even pallets can be used to display arrangements near your front door. Consider the style that you want, then look around your house for existing containers that you can use before you go out and buy something new.

That old bucket that’s been sitting in your garage might just be the perfect thing for your front porch or just inside your front door. Check out the fun containers the folks at Lantern Lane Designs used to spruce up their front porch.

Tip #2 – Look up.

Especially on the front porch, consider faux hanging plants. These bring a bright pop of color to your porch without taking up what can sometimes be limited real estate around the front door.

Traditional hanging plants might be in a basket or other container and hang freely from a porch ceiling, but don’t hesitate to consider hanging faux flowers in a container directly on the wall. This works both outside on the porch and inside in the front entryway, which can often be limited in size.

Tip #3 – Vary the height and size of the arrangements.

If you’re placing multiple plants outdoors, be sure to vary the height of the plants you choose, both within a single container and among the different containers.

If you have stairs leading up to your front door, place a container of plants on each step, going from the largest container on the top step to the smallest container on the bottom step. If you’re looking for height, consider our Delphinium Urn for a tall, colorful plant to frame your front door.

Add a pop of blue with this 32" tall Delphinium arrangement in a cement urn.Add a pop of blue with this 32″ tall Delphinium arrangement in a cement urn.

Tip #4 – Decorate both sides of the front door.

Use a wreath hanger on either side of the front door and hang a faux flower wreath or swag on each side of the door. Our Sunflower, Artichoke and Lavender Wreath is a fun choice for summer.

Place this bright Sunflower and Lavender Wreath on your door to brighten up your outdoor décor!Place this bright Sunflower and Lavender Wreath on your door to brighten up your outdoor décor!

Choose different front door plants for each side, but keep them related by using the same flowers or colors.

Tip #5 – Continue the theme.

Make your porch plants and your entryway plants part of a continuous theme. They don’t have to be identical, but if you chose a rustic look for outdoors, don’t switch to a stark, modern theme once the front door is open.

Bring the same color scheme and types of flowers from the front porch through the entryway for a cohesive welcoming look. If you’re thinking of going with a more rustic, country theme, consider our Hydrangea, Rose and Peony Arrangement, which will allow you to carry the theme from outside to inside by including any of those flowers in other arrangements.

18"H HYDR/ROSE/PEONY(P)Mixed artificial flowers in a metal container makes an arrangement that fit many places. Casual yet colorful.

Whether you choose to have one large flower arrangement on your porch and another in your entryway or you settle on several smaller artificial flower options, follow our tips, and you’ll have no trouble creating a welcoming front entryway full of faux flowers.

Let us know how you decorate your front porch and entryway in the comments.

And, as always, don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions or concerns.

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