Make Room For The Red, White And Blue — Tips For Incorporating Artificial Plants Into Your Fourth of July Decorations

Make Room For The Red, White And Blue — Tips For Incorporating Artificial Plants Into Your Fourth of July Decorations

Make Room For The Red, White And Blue — Tips For Incorporating Artificial Plants Into Your Fourth of July Decorations

Make Room For The Red, White And Blue — Tips For Incorporating Artificial Plants Into Your Fourth of July Decorations

It’s hard to believe, but summer is well underway. It won’t be long before we’ll be hearing Lee Greenwood singing “God Bless the USA” and watching fireworks light up the sky.

The Fourth of July is a great time to add some patriotic holiday décor to your home. The red, white and blue color scheme means you can create centerpieces and other decorations for the holiday that you can still use throughout the year.

The great thing about using arficial plants is you can re-use them in different ways once the Fourth of July celebration has passed. That means you save money by not tossing dead flower arrangmetns in the trash. It also allows you to better plan your interior design and the rotation of your flowers and plants because you aren’t constantly having to buy live flowers.

The other benefit of using artificial flowers and plants is they won’t irritate your guests’ allergies. Mother Nature is already throwing as many Summer allergens at us as she can, so do your guests a favor and help reduce their potential allergic reactions by using artificial plants.

Here at Faux Trees n Shrubs, we have plenty of red, white and blue options that can get you started or can add to what you already have. And you’ll be able to enjoy your artificial arrangements for plenty of Fourth of July holidays in the future.

Tip #1 – Start with what you have

Take a look around your house and see what types of arrangements you already have. Do you have an all-white arrangement already? Consider adding a red vase and a blue ribbon, and you’ve taken what you already own and made it a bit more patriotic.

Want to make what you already own even more interesting? Consider adding a companion arrangement that will give your home a patriotic flair. For example, say you own our Faux Red Calla Lily and Hydrangea Arrangement. It’s pretty patriotic looking all by itself, but if you added the Faux White Calla Lily & Tulips Arrangement In Decorative Vase to your table as well, you’ve created a conversation-inspiring grouping.

Calla Lily and Hydrangea Artificial Arrangement19"H White Calla Lily & Tulips Artificial Arrangement in Decorative Vase

Group two similarly colored arrangements together to make a conversation-worthy centerpiece.

Tip #2 – Begin the theme at your front door

Get visitors to your home in the patriotic mood by adding a faux teardrop or wreath to your front door.

Check out our Geranium and Blue Berry Teardrop if you want to add a touch of class and holiday spirit to your entranceway. The red and white flowers combined with the greenery and blue berries create a welcoming, festive atmosphere from the moment your guests step up to your door.

26” Geranium and Blue Berry Artificial Teardrop

Use a red, white and blue teardrop, wreath or swag on your front door.

Tip #3 – Combine Similar Arrangements For A “Big Bang”

While one red, white and blue arrangement can add a patriotic touch, using separate arrangements to create a grouping can create a bigger visual impact. And after the holiday is over, you can use the different arrangements in separate areas of your home.


Red Hydrangea with Vase Silk Flower ArrangementLarge Hydrangea w/Vase Silk Flower ArrangementLarge Hydrangea w/Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

Combine arrangments using the same flower in different colors to add a patriotic look to your room.

Consider choosing arrangements that use the same flower but in different colors and sizes to create a striking centerpiece. Group together our Faux Red Hydrangea with Vase with our Large White Hydrangea with Vase Silk Flower Arrangement and our Blue Hydrangea in Vase Silk Flower Arrangement. The three together will show off your patriotic spirit and provide you with lasting color in other places in your home throughout the rest of the year.

Tip #4 – Be Creative In How You Incorporate Blue Into Your Decorations

Blue isn’t a color often found naturally in flowers and plants, so be creative in adding touches of blue to red and white arrangements. For example, If you have our Faux Red and White Ranunculus Arrangement, consider placing them on a blue piece of fabric to give the grouping a festive touch.

You can also add decorative picks that have a Fourth of July theme to a red and white arrangement. Or consider tying a blue ribbon around the vase to add that patriotic touch.

8"H Ranunculus Artificial Arrangement (Set of 2)

Your color doesn’t have to just come from flowers. A blue ribbon or piece of fabric placed underneath your arrangement can serve as part of your red, white and blue theme.

Tip #5 – Don’t forget the outdoor decorations

The Fourth of July is traditionally an outdoor holiday, so be sure to spruce up your outdoor spaces, as well.

artificial flower arrangements are perfect for outdoor parties because there’s no worry about the dog or a child knocking it over. Our Red Rose and White Cherry Blossom Artificial Arrangement would make a great temporary centerpiece for an outdoor picnic or patio table. Or choose one of our UV-resistant arrangements to liven up your outdoor space year-round.

28”H Rose and Cherry Blossom Artificial Arrangement

Spruce up an outdoor table with this Red Rose and White Cherry Blossom Artificial Arrangement.

Don’t worry about that summer sun fading your artificial plants at your Fourth of July get-together. Check out our post about caring for your plants during the sunniest months to make sure you get years of enjoyment out of your patriotic-themed faux arrangements.

Tpi #6 – It’s not just about flowers

There are lots of quick, easy ways to dress up your house and yard for the Fourth of July. Some might include fake flowers and plants and some don’t. Once you have your artificial arrangements figured out, check out these Pinterest boards from Randi Garrett Design and My Creative Days for some fun, festive Fourth of July ideas.

Randi Garrett Design


My Creative Days


Have a happy and safe Fourth of July, and as always, let me know if you have any questions.

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