Three Reasons Why Artificial Plants Are The Right Choice For Decorating Your Bathroom

Three Reasons Why Artificial Plants Are The Right Choice For Decorating Your Bathroom

Three Reasons Why Artificial Plants Are The Right Choice For Decorating Your Bathroom

For many of us, the bathroom isn’t a space that we spend a lot of time thinking about, especially when it comes to decorating…especially if it isn’t the guest bath. For our own personal bathrooms, the check list usually goes something like:

  • Toilet – check.
  • Vanity – check.
  • Sink – check.
  • Mirror – check.
  • Lights – check.
  • Cute decoration on the wall – check.


…and that’s about it.

But there are real reasons that you should take a few moments to reconsider how much beauty you have incorporated into decorating your bathroom. Consider these three reasons:

Reason 1 – You Spend Key Moments Of The Day In Your Bathroom

Think about it. How much time do you spend in your bathroom? Time spent getting ready for work in the morning. Time spent getting ready for bed each night. Time relaxing in a bath to soak away the stresses of a crazy day. If you add up all that time, it’s a room that we should think about a little more when it comes to decorating. If you read my previous post about the impact of plants and flowers on your mental well-being, you know that the visual element of beautiful flowers and plants can have a positive impact on our personal perception. With that in mind, consider this.

If the bathroom is where you spend quite a bit of time getting ready in the morning, doesn’t it make sense to add some beautiful flowers to the space to get your day started off in a positive direction? Additionally, if the bathroom is where you spend the last few minutes of your day getting ready to go to bed, wouldn’t it be ideal to spend those minutes being influenced by beautiful flowers? Nothing wrong with going to bed with a positive attitude and a smile…right?

Even if you rush to get ready and try to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom….the time you spend there can be considered key moments in your day because they set the tone for how your day starts and ends.

These succulents would be great to add to your vanity. They take up little of your valuable counter space, while bringing a little pop of color and, hopefully, a smile.

Reason 2 – It’s Easier To Relax With Plants And Flowers

If your bathtub is where you go to escape from the day and unwind, then complement your glass of wine and candles with a few beautiful plants. Studies show that plants can shift a negative mental state into a positive one, so arm yourself with every tool possible and let the flowers and plants help you shake off those long meetings, looming deadlines, and co-worker woes. Just imagine relaxing with these beautiful sunflower arrangements to brighten your mood.

Reason 3 – Artificial Plants And Flowers Are More Durable And Easier To Maintain

Let’s face it. We’re talking about the bathroom. For good reasons, many bathrooms don’t have a lot of windows. For this reason, maintaining live plants can be a little tricky. Additionally, because it’s the bathroom, you’ll want plants that can be cleaned easily. The nice thing about artificial plants is you can clean many of them by simply putting them in the bottom of the shower for a quick rinse and then letting them dry off. Additionally, live plants sometimes don’t react well to chemicals like hair spray, aerosol deodorant, and perfumes. Artificial plants, on the other hand, aren’t bothered at all. Again, rinse them of a couple times each year and they’ll maintain their beauty for a long time.

For plants that are easy to rinse off, consider these ferns to place around your bathtub or on the back of your toilet lid.

A Little More Bonus Inspiration

Still need some help envisioning how artificial plants, flowers, ferns, and shrubs might help you decorate your bathroom? Check out this amazing Pinterest board that shows some great examples of the use of plants in bathroom decor.


I hope that helps and gets you started toward thinking about what artificial plants and trees you can use to decorate a bathroom. Have a tip or example of how you have decorated? Be sure to share it in a comment!


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