Tips For Using Artificial Flowers to Liven Up Your Home for Spring

Tips For Using Artificial Flowers to Liven Up Your Home for Spring

Tips For Using Artificial Flowers to Liven Up Your Home for Spring

Tips For Using Artificial Flowers to Liven Up Your Home for Spring

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for spring.

Here in the Midwest, we’re inches over the average snowfall for winter, and the weather forecasters are telling me there’s more on the way. I’m ready to move on from the white snows of winter to the colorful flowers and warmth of spring.

Just because the weather outside is still frightful doesn’t mean you can’t start turning your thoughts and your décor to spring. You might be asking yourself “How can I brighten up my indoor spaces when it’s still cold outside?” Artificial flowers offer a great, stress-free way to brighten up your home as the weather turns warmer. The best part is they don’t care if it’s still cold outside.

Springtime, to me, calls for bright colors to wash away the memory of the gray days of winter, so put your spring focus on adding color to your home. Follow these five tips, and the cold winter months will be but a distant memory.

5 Tips for Spring Decorating With Artificial Flowers And Plants

Tip # 1 – Combine colorful flowers with colorful or unique vases.

Spring always seems to me to bring a touch of whimsy with it. It’s the time when everything seems possible. Bring that whimsy and hope into your decorating with bright colors and fanciful vases. Consider using items like teapots or baskets instead of traditional vases to display your spring faux flowers.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors. Nothing says spring like color.

Rose & Hydrangea w/Decorative Vase

Our Faux Rose & Hydrangea Teapot brings a touch of whimsy and color to any area.


Tip # 2 – Speaking of color, try creating large monochromatic displays of the same flower.

Focusing on a single color will pack a dramatic punch and will brighten any room. Choose arrangements of large spring flowers like peonies or lilies to make a statement. Place them on your hearth, mantel or bookcase to create a focal centerpiece in your room.

14"H Peony Artificial Arrangement in White Vase

This single-color 14” H Pink Peony Artificial Arrangement in White Vase can brighten up any room.

Tip # 3 – Don’t just stick with flowers in containers for spring.

Use wreaths, garlands, centerpieces and teardrops to bring the warmth of spring to your walls and tables. Hang a wreath over your fireplace. Drape a garland on a banister. Place a centerpiece on your dining table or a long coffee table. Take advantage of the versatility of fake flowers to bring color and warmth to any area of your home.

60'' Mixed Peony & Berry Garland

Use our Mixed Peony & Berry Garland to draw attention to a mantel or wall.

Tip # 4 – Sometimes you just need a small pop of color to bring the beauty of spring indoors.

Don’t overlook those small spaces like a windowsill or bedside table. Create a display of large single blooms in small vases. The size contrast between the bloom and its container will draw the eye without taking up a lot of space.

Small displays can have a big impact. These Pink Magnolia in Votive Glasses can bring a touch of spring to small spaces.

Tip # 5 – Flowers in the wild don’t just grow as stems.

They exist in a whole sea of green. When decorating for spring, don’t forget to include foliage in your faux flower arrangements. A bit of foliage will lend even more realism to your artificial flowers.

11.5" H Mixed Daisy Arrangement w/Vase

This White Mixed Daisy Arrangement includes foliage that makes you believe they could have just been picked.

Making Faux Flowers Look Real By Blending Them In

As the weather warms and your live flowers come into season, you can intersperse some live arrangements around your home so you can benefit from their aroma and air-purifying benefits. If you purchase high quality artificial flowers, you’ll find that many people won’t be able to tell which ones are real and which ones are fake.

20"H Tulip Artificial Arrangement in Twig Vase

Faux flower arrangements should look as real as possible like this 20”H Yellow Tulip Artificial Arrangement in Twig Vase.

Avoid awkward-looking straight stems by bending the stem to give your flowers a little droop.

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to faux flowers is that you want to make them look as realistic as possible. Bend the stems of fake flowers so that they droop over the side of a container like real flowers would. Add water to the vase to make them look real. Use odd numbers of flowers in an arrangement if you are creating your own. Odd numbers are more appealing to the eye. If realism is important to you, use in-season flowers and add foliage.

As spring passes, don’t forget to dust your artificial arrangements. Nothing gives away that your flowers are fake faster than a coating of dust. Just give them a quick shake or hit them with a duster whenever you clean that room.

Keep Things Interesting By Rotating Your Plants And Flowers

Faux flowers last a long time, so you can use them for several years. If you have faux flowers that you are using from year to year, change up your decorating scheme. Use different containers each year and change where you place the arrangements. This keeps your decorating from boring you and reinforces the impression that your flowers are fresh from the outdoors.

High quality fake flowers can be expensive, so budget for a new arrangement each spring. Over time you can grow your collection to the point where you have plenty of options because when it comes to chasing away the winter blues, there’s nothing better than some spring flowers to remind you that warmer days are coming.

Let me know how your spring decorating turns out, and don’t forget to contact me if you have any questions.


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